Application Process

Step Details

Download and Complete the Rental Questionnaire

Fill out the questions as best you can and save the new document with your name in the title.

Click here to download the document.

Email The Questionnaire

Send your completed questionnaire to zarashad @ hotmail . com (removing the spaces)

House Tour

If possible.

You will receive an email letting you know if you are a good fit for the house or not based on the questionnaire. You may also receive follow up questions or a phone call if more information or clarification is needed. If it seems like a good fit then we will coordinate a convenient time for a tour of the property.


If the house is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for the house then we move on in the process.

Download and Fill The Guarantor Form

If Required

You may be requested to have a guarantor in order for the room to be rented to yourself. If so, this would have been indicated to you. You would click here to download this document.

Provide it to your guarantor to fill out and sign.

Review The Lease

You will be emailed the lease to review.

Sign the Lease

Print and sign the lease.

Rules Of The House

Print and sign the rules of the house. The rules of the house can be found here to download.


You will need to arrange first months and last months rent. There may also be an additional furniture deposit if you require a furnished room.


Scan and Email the signed documents (lease, rules of the house, guarantor form) to the property owner. Alternatively, you can arrange to meet the property owner to sign the documents in person or just deliver the documents. The payments will also need to be delivered to property owner.

Before the Lease Begins

Communicate with the property owner regarding move in day. An arrange would be made to make sure you have the keys and access to the property so that move in goes smooth.