Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer

How fast is the Wi-Fi Internet?

It is 1.5GB speed with unlimited download. The fastest internet currently available to a residence.

How often can I do my laundry?

There is a schedule that each person signs up on at the beginning of each semester. Every person has 1 set day to do their laundry, once a week.

How much does it cost to do laundry?

It is included as part of your rent.

Do I need to bring my own cutlery or dishes?

No, The kitchen has standard cutlery, dishes, pots, microwave, toaster and a kettle. Anything beyond these standard items you would need to provide or verify.

Is there somewhere to put my bike?

You may put your bike in the garage. You could also lock it to the garage wall to increase safety.

Can I BBQ outside?

Absolutely, two Charcoal bbq's are provided and are located in the shed in the backyard.

Are there 'quiet' hours?

Yes. From 10pm to 8am we ask that all tenants be respectful to other tenants in regards to their noise levels.

Is there any security on the property?

Yes, the exterior has mutiple CCTV cameras for safety and motion sensor lighting. The main stairwell are well lit with stairwell cameras.

Do I have to shovel snow?

No, A snow plow company is contracted to clear the snow and salt the ice. We do ask that tenants also salt ice as needed and the salt will be provided.

Who does the cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom?

The tenants within an apartment are responsible to work out a cleaning schedule of those main areas. The property owner will also have a professional cleaner visit the property approx. every 3 months for a thorough cleaning on the shared areas.

Where do I ask more questions?

Email zarashad @ hotmail .com with any other questions. (remove the spaces from the email address)